People with low income are facing difficulties with the credit crunch and have problems borrowing money from banks. Its already tough to manage your budget with a limited income and when unexpected expenses occur. If your emergency funds are insufficient (who has extra money these days anyway), short term payday loans may not be of much help. Aside from their high APR, you will likely face problems trying to pay back the lenders in full given your low wages. That is why we requested our lenders to create a new 12 month cash loan product for individuals.

Our licensed installment loan lenders can approve your online application within minutes. This is designed for convenience and fast cash wired to your bank account directly. When you borrow a personal installment loan for 12 months, you can small progressive payments back to the lender every month. Its similar to how you pay off your car or home mortgage loans. So when you split a personal loan payment into 12 portions, it becomes significantly more affordable, even if you are on minimum wages. The money can be arranged to be automatically debited from your bank account so that you do not carelessly forget about it. The payment date is usually set right after you get your paycheck, and that's when you have sufficient funds in your account.

Our installment payday loan lenders can give you fast cash to cope with any urgent personal needs that can be resolved with some money. There is no need for any loan collateral as long as you have a steady income or have unemployment compensation or insurance. You can use a personal loan for people with low income to get money for paying rent, late credit card bills, and so on. There is no need to rush and pay back the entire loan, so you can slowly pay over 12 smaller payments. If you have a sudden windfall and would like to pay off in advance, simply contact your lender for proper arrangements.

If you need a 12 month loan and have poor credit, it is still possible to get help from our installment lenders for low income. The underwriting process is primarily based on your repayment potential or in other words, how much you are earning now. It is very easy to apply online and see how much you can borrow from our installment loan lenders. There are no registration fees and it can be completed in a few minutes.